FAq - sunday morning


Our service lasts about 75 minutes. We start at 10:30am and usually end around 11:45.


Singing: We love to worship God through singing together on Sunday mornings. The singing time is not a performance that we observe. Instead we seek to sing songs that the whole church can participate in singing together. We chose songs filled with biblical truth about Jesus. 

Prayer: Each week, someone leads the congregation in praying to God. These are times for all of us to speak to God by in our hearts and minds. We also encourage people to pray together after the service. If you would like someone to pray for you come to the front after the service and talk to a pastor or member of our prayer team.

Teaching: Biblical teaching is central every time we gather as a church. Every week a pastor reads from the Bible, explains what it means, and applies God’s truth to our lives. Our teaching is driven by the gospel, the Bible’s main message of how God provides salvation to sinners through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Giving: Each Sunday morning we give people the opportunity to give as an act of worship to God. If you are a guest or are new, please just be our guest. Our weekly offering is for those who consider Fellowship in the Pass their church home.


You’ll find all kinds of people wearing all kinds of different things. Some dress up and some wear sandals. What matters is you are here. We invite you to come as you are, and dress however you feel most comfortable.  

What is available for children?

Children (birth – 3rd grade) are invited to participate in our Fellowship Kids classes. You can check your child in at the Nursery area (south lobby) before the service. All volunteers go through our fingerprint and screening process, and are trained to help your children to know and follow Jesus. We value families worshiping together and you are welcome to keep your children in the service with you if you desire.

  • Younger Kids (birth – 5 year olds) - Childcare is provided for children, birth-5 years old, during the entire service.
  • Older Kids - Children 1st-3rd grade, start in the service with their families, and then are dismissed to their classes before the sermon. Please check your child in at the Nursery (south lobby) before the service. 
  • 4th grade and above – At Fellowship we see children as part of the church and we value children worshiping with their parent(s). Children 4th grade and up participate in the whole worship service with their family. Parents are encouraged to explain the different parts of the service to their kids, and to talk about what they learn on the way home. Children are also invited to use one of our activity bags, located right outside the nursery, or fill out a kid's sermon guide found at the Connection Center. 

NOTE: When attending our Sunday morning kid's classes, children are required to check-in with their parents in order for each family to receive matching identification tags. These tags are exclusive to your family and your visit. Your child will need to wear the name tag portion, and parents will be given their own matching tag to bring back for check-out. During checkout parents will need to give their tag to their child’s teacher in order for their child to be released back to them.

Are there any classes on Sunday mornings?

Before the worship service we have Bible study classes for all ages. These classes meet from 9 – 10:00 am, and include Sunday school classes for CHILDREN, YOUTH, and COLLEGE AGE SINGLES, and CORE COURSES for adults.