Scroll down for a description of each of the current classes that are offered this Spring (January 27-April 14). You can jump in and attend any of the current Core Courses at any time.

Core Course Descriptions

Christian Living: Grace-Empowered Holiness

Teachers: Jeff Marshman and Justin Tidwell

The Bible calls the Christian to pursue holiness by living a life pleasing to the Lord. The bible also calls the Christian to live by grace. Join us as we see how the Gospel harmonizes these two truths and empowers us to pursue a life of holiness through the assurance of God’s grace found in Jesus Christ.

Complete Stewardship

Teacher: Richard Niemi

When you hear the word “stewardship” do you immediately think of money?  If so, this class may be helpful to you.  God has given us many precious gifts that includes our finances, but reach far beyond.  Our talents, family, health, salvation; the list goes on and on but rarely do we think about being a good steward in every area of our lives.  This class will show us to be a “good” steward we need to be a “Complete” steward! 

The Joy Class

Teachers: Tom Lovejoy and Van Syverson

This is an ongoing class for senior adults, in which they study the Bible and care and pray for each other throughout the year. They will be studying John 19-20 and Isaiah 53. 

Study of Judges - *Class is full*

Teacher: Steve Rogers

In this study of the book of Judges we will meet the history of God’s people between the death of Joshua and the first king of Israel. Judges recounts God’s work to rescue His undeserving people out of the mess caused by their sin. We will learn about 13 judges God used, but ultimately the book is about God and points us to Jesus. The study will involve opportunities for questions and discussion as well as a weekly study guide. 

Loving Your Neighbor

Teacher: Bryan Lupo

In Luke 10 Jesus tells the parable of the Good Samaritan, where we see a radical picture of God’s love for those in need. This class will use this parable as a springboard for learning about what it means to love our neighbors as ourselves. We’ll spend significant time talking about how we can do this through hospitality. Join us as we learn about how our lives, homes, meals, and neighborhoods can be used for ministry.